Saturday, July 9, 2011

Turquoise and Pink Wedding

Turquoise and Shades of Pink are perfect for a Springtime wedding that is extremely chic and trendy. 1. Pink Rose Pomanders from Roses and Doves. 2. Turquoise Bridal Clutch from Bridal Shoes. 3. Turquoise and Pink Headband from Tickled Pink Brides. 4. Pink Rosebud Ring Bearer Pillow from Etsy. 5. Pink Wedding Shoes from Wedding-Inspiration. 6. Turquoise Pendant Necklace from Turquoise Jewelry7. Two Tiered White Square Wedding Cake with Turquoise Ribbon and Pink Flower from Cake Central. 8. Turquoise Tuxedo Vest and Tie from Flickr.  9. Pink Bridesmaids Dress from Bizrate. 10. Turquoise and Pink Wedding Cupcakes from Flickr11. Turquoise Candle Favors from This Next. 12. Turquoise and Pink Wedding Reception Table and Chairs from Brown Bunny Flowers. 13. Pink Fan from Cutcaster. 14. Pink Flower Girl Dress from Bizrate. 15. Pink Rose Wedding Bouquet from Wedding Flowers. 16. Pink Cocktail from The Pulse Mag. 17. Turquoise and Pink Wedding Reception Table from Event Kings. 18. Wedding Aisle with Pink Rose Petals and Pink Pomanders from I-do19. Pink Wedding Chairs from The Blue Heron. 20. Turquoise Butterfly Wedding Invitations from Alannah Rose21. Turquoise and Pink Dessert Table from Studio Lime Design22. Turquoise Bridesmaids Dress from Cynthia-styling. 23. Pink Floral Centerpiece from Better Homes and Gardens.

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