Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dressing Up Hair with Flowers

White Flower Head Wreath $65 from Etsy

Yellow Orchid Hair Clip $9.32 from Jessica Hill Accessories on Ebay.

Flower with Feather Hair Clip $28 from Unique Vintage.

 Pink Orchid Headband $41 from Etsy.

Flower and Feather Headband $59.99 from Bebe.

Ivory Flower Feather and Birdcage Veil $35.95 by Leslie V on Amazon.
Chiffon Flower Garland Headband $59.99 from Zappos.

 Ivory Flower Headband $38 from Nordstrom.

 Light Pink Flower Hair Piece $114 from Florabond.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Decorating with Paper Lanterns

Wedding Decorating Ideas Using Paper Lanterns

  *See Link to the Right for Link to Just Artifacts Japanese Lantern Shop at

1. Orange Lanterns from Elizabeth Anne Designs.
2. Warm Color Lanterns from Wedding Bee.
3. Yellow and White Lanterns from Tickled Pink.
4. Green, Yellow, and White Lanterns from Wedding Bee.
5. Aqua and White Lanterns from The Sweetest Occasion.
6. Pink and Orange Lanterns from The Hanging Lantern Company.
7. White Lanterns from Big Wedding Tiny Budget.
8. Purple Lanterns from Wedding Window
 9.  Green Lanterns Aisle Decor from Dash Weddings.
10. Aqua Lanterns from United with Love.
11. White Paper Lanterns from Belle The Magazine.
12. Pink Paper Lanterns from Dovetail Designs.
13. Green and White Paper Lanterns from Lanterns 4 Africa.
14. Purple Paper Lanterns from Wedding Bee.
15. Red Paper Lanterns from Good Things Wedding Favors.